(for iS and iR system boilers)

At ATAG we believe in better protection to offer maximum performance. With the Complete Care Pack FLEX (CCP), for iS and iR system boilers you get just that. The Complete Care Pack is the ideal addition for you and your customers which will save time and money, improve reliability, and extends the warranty of the boiler and all the components of the pack to 14 years!

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The Complete Care Pack comes with five customisable products.


  1. Choice of filter (Adey Atom or Fernox Omega filter)

With the pack you get a choice of the Adey Atom or Fernox Omega filter. Filters guard the heating system against the accumulation of system debris over time and by fitting a filter, you’re optimising the performance of the system. This will help save your customers money on the gas bills! Boiler warranties require the installation of a filter for the warranty to remain valid.

TOP TIP: The Fernox filter is extremely reliable and resistant to leaks as it is made from, and sealed using brass. The Adey Atom is a popular choice for installers where space in an issue due to its compact size, meaning it can fit into tight spaces such as kitchen cupboards.

A healthy, clean system will reduce fuel wastage and save money on gas bills plus adhering to best practice standards can extend the life of the boiler and system. *


  1. ATAG ONE zone or tado smart control

The CCP provides a choice of two smart controls, both of which provide remote control via a smartphone app, which can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The controls provide your customer the option to optimise their heating to suit their individual needs whilst also saving costs and energy. Not only that, but they are both compatible with most home assistants including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

These days, smart controls are commonplace in most homes. They provide several benefits and are often requested by the end customers. Benefits of both the ATAG One Zone and Tado Smart control include:

  • Letting your customer control hot water and heating remotely, which is convenient and will also save them energy
  • Both controllers are very easy to use
  • Installation is simple; however, we also have guides to help you set them up should you need it
  • The controllers are compact and stylish in design. The TADO also comes in a choice of white or black
  • Both can be used as a smart control or a simple thermostat


ATAG One Zone

  • Saves energy! The controller works in conjunction with the hot water diverter valve kit to modulate load based on weather compensation and room influence automatically because the controller speaks directly to the boiler based on the outside and inside temperatures. By talking directly to the boiler, it can change the boilers output to prevent overshooting the heat demand and keeping the house at a constant, comfortable temperature, rather than hot and cold, as the other room stats switch on and off

  • The ATAG one conveniently displays active fault codes on the phone and control. This makes repairs quicker, smoother and will save you time searching for faults

  • The app to use with the ATAG One Zone can be downloaded through google play or apple app store. Its available to anyone with a smartphone.



  • It has a smartphone app and home integrations to enable your customer to control their heating from anywhere and more efficiently

  • It can reduce energy consumption through geofencing. This will say you’re away from home and the heating is still on. Temperature sensors pick up open doors and windows and provide an alert for the user. Tado is programmed to anticipate temperature rises every 20 minutes and then, switch itself on and off to prevent temperature overshoot.

  • Tado also uses the internet to find out the outside temperature as part of its calculation.


  1. Chemicals

The chemicals in the kit include the ATAG Central Heating Universal Cleanser, which prepares older systems for the installation of new components. The product is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems and removes sludge and limescale. The second chemical in the kit is the ATAG Central Heating System Protector which protects against corrosion and scale in mixed metal central heating systems. You can select the water treatment kit, be it for soft water or hard water.

By ensuring the right chemicals are doused into the system, you are protecting your customer against corrosion, scale and microbial fouling whilst also ensuring their warranties remain valid.

87% of system breakdowns are the result of dirty system water, plus a newly installed A+++ boiler will lose efficiency within 6 days if the system water is contaminated. *


  1. Hot water diverter valve kit


The ATAG 3-port diverter valve (by Honeywell) is to be fitted external to the boiler on the system pipework with the electrical wiring routed back to the connection 3-way valve point on the back of the control cover. The valve kit is available in 22mm or 28mm and comes with a cylinder sensor, to detect the cylinder temperature.

The ATAG hot water diverter valve kit replaces 5 potentially old and inefficient components and provides one easy to install solution. This creates a more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective method of providing your customers with heating and hot water with system and regular boilers.

Old Components:

  1. Programmer
  2. One or two motorised valves
  3. Hot water cylinder thermostat
  4. Room thermostat
  5. Wiring centre

New Components:

  1. Hot water diverter valve
  2. Cylinder sensor


  1. 14 Years warranty

We’re so confident in the reliability improvements the CCP brings, we will increase the warranty from a standard 10 years, right up to an industry leading 14 years with this Care Pack. This gives customers 14 years peace of mind without the need of pricey breakdown cover. ATAG boilers also come with a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger, providing further reassurance for both you and your customer!


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The Complete Care Pack provides you with all you need to ensure an efficient and reliable installation for your customer. Not only that, it also:

  • Saves you time
    • All the components are in one simple pack, making sure you don’t miss anything and provides you an easy to order alternative.

  • Saves you money
    • Due to buying these products in a pack, you receive the benefit of a discounted pack price, saving you ££! Plus if you purchase a CCP with one of our Economiser boilers you will receive more Installer Direct rewards.

  • Improves reliability and efficiency
    • Due to a controlled and cleaner system, the boiler becomes more efficient and reliable.

  • Extends warranty
    • The kit will upgrade the warranty form a standard 10 years, right up to 14 years!



For more information about our warranty options click here

*source, Fernox 2021.