Why it’s important

New customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them growth grinds to a halt. But, how do you attract them and what do you have to do to convert them into paying clients?

Simply relying on word-of-mouth won’t cut it in these more challenging times. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial to establish a marketing mix that works for you. Get it right and it will allow you to establish a new business pipeline and lead-generating process that can really supercharge your operations.  

What your website says about you

Having your own website provides a sense of quality for your business. It also helps cultivate an air of professionalism, which can prove vital in getting potential customers over the line. When designing one, think like a potential client - what would they want to know? Ensure it contains info like how long you’ve been in business, who you’ve worked for, what work you offer and what area you serve. Peter Bryer of PJ Bryer Heating And Plumbing says: “Our website is really important for generating leads. We get around a dozen a week from it.”   

The power of social proof

“Social proof is the jet fuel that can propel your business skywards”, Dan Hobbs sales director at Upod Marketing passionately believes. He describes generating it as an absolutely vital element of your marketing. You do this by encouraging happy customers to give you a review on websites like Trustpilot. It’s an essential part of building a good reputation online, which in turn will ensure your rank better in search results, increasing your online visibility to prospective customers. But ensure you interact with anyone who leaves a review.

Social media either commit or leave it alone

This can be a tricky space to master. Let’s be honest ... there’s nothing inherently sexy about boilers. It’s a challenge to drive engagement with snaps of an i40C however beautifully you’ve installed it. Yet, having a presence on the likes of Instagram and Twitter can be helpful in driving awareness of your services. But, if you can’t commit to updating it regularly, you’re best off steering clear. A feed that is unloved and uncared for risks sending out all the wrong messages about your business. 

Business cards and a landline? - that’s old school isn’t it?

There still remains an important place for old-school marketing techniques like business cards and flyers. People appreciate something physical and tangible, especially the older generation. Leaving a card with a client after you’ve finished a job for them can prove a helpful reminder for them when in the future they may require further work. But, while having a landline provides customers with more than one number to contact you on, operating a business solely from a landline is less advisable as it risks sending out signals that you aren’t able to keep up with the times.

Local marketing for local people

Distraction marketing - such as newspaper and TV ads - can be quite indiscriminate in terms of who it targets. Much more important is setting up a Google My Business Account. Dan Hobbs explains: “It’s free and can really drive results in Google Search and Google Maps.” Tools like Facebook Audience Insights and Google Trends provide a great sense of what people are searching for - allowing you to tailor your message accordingly. And at the same time ensure you leverage your real-life social network by offering discounts for parents at the school gate or members of your gym or sports club.

We get it. At first glance, the world of marketing might seem a strange and foreboding place. But, trust us, you’ll soon get used to it and discover the power it has to supercharge your business.