A group of 20 plumbers and heating engineers from different parts of the UK recently came together to help a man who tragically lost his home in a fire.

Chris and his friends had attended a concert on the evening of Friday 16th December 2022. Unfortunately they came back to devastation after a house fire had taken over his home. Chris tragically attempted to enter the house when he arrived, to save his two precious cats, however, was beaten back by the thick smoke. The cats were later found deceased by the fire brigade. Chris, from Morley, Leeds, was left with absolutely nothing after his home insurance lapsed, due to a number of life challenges and now needed help to replace everything, including a full central heating system, radiators and bathroom that he lost.

Grant Gundelfinger, one of the heating experts involved, heard Chris's tale, and wanted to organize a voluntary installation to assist him in rebuilding his life.

Chris has been described as “the type of guy who will do anything for anyone, at any time – his last pound – the shirt off his back”. Chris deserved all the help he could get, at this challenging and critical time.

PHOTO-2023-04-03-12-30-56The charity installation took place on Saturday 1st April. Despite being a weekend, the engineers took time out of their busy schedules to install a new central heating system for Chris, free of charge. They installed a full bathroom, boiler, heating controls, and radiators between them. The project took just one day, starting at 7:45 a.m. and ending at around 4:30 p.m.

The installers consisted of independent gas-safe engineers, supporters of the cause, sole traders, and business owners. Some had previously worked on other voluntary installations.

The installers used high-quality products donated by various manufacturers, suppliers, and individuals. This included a new ATAG iC Economiser boiler, a horizontal flue and a short flue extension plus a plume management kit. ATAG Heating Technology was among the many companies that contributed to the project. Product Sales Manager, Stuart Hulland, was also involved in the installation and provided a supporting hand throughout the day.

The new boiler was selected because it has the best heat recovery system. It is easy to install and set up and perfectly designed for low-temperature heating. The installers also used a filter and chemicals from ADEY, a control CP4 (COMBIPACK4) OpenTherm® programmable RF thermostat from EPH Controls, and radiators from Stelrad.

Chris is generous and will do anything for anyone at any time. His friends have rallied around him, and with the help of the installers, they have raised funds, given their time, and offered financial support to help him rebuild his life.

These engineers, along with their social media usernames, participated in the installation:

  • Stuart Hulland, Product Sales Manager for ATAG Heating Technology: @ATAG_Stu
  • Grant Gundelfinger: @copper_skills
  • Mark Tiff, MJ Tiff Plumbing and Heating: @mjtiff_plumbingandheating
  • James Bell-Taylor, JBT Plumbing & Heating (Alnwick) Ltd: @jbt_plumbingandheatingltd
  • Mason Harris: @MJH_plumbingServices
  • Luke Thomson: @luke_the_plumberDan Tempest
  • ST Plumbing & Heating Gas Specialists Ltd: @s.tplumbingandheating
  • Pete Matthews: @Hottingupltd
  • Allen Hart: @AllenHart999
  • Robbie Hawkins: @wobblybobplumbingco
  • Viva Training: @vivatrainingacademy_
  • Russell Adey, Cosywarm Plumbing and Heating Ltd
  • Arran Woodford, Woodford Plumbing and Heating: Woodford. Plumbing

The charity boiler installation for Chris was a success. Thanks to the group of Gas Safe Registered engineers' kindness, generosity, and skills. It's an inspirational example of a community banding together to aid people in need.


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