ATAG had a chat with Alex Lever, the innovative entrepreneur behind PipeSnug. Together with Chris Burdett, a seasoned builder and bricklayer, they founded PipeSnug to provide practical and time-saving solutions to the heating industry. From the initial concept in 2017 to a successful appearance on BBC One's Dragons' Den in 2022, Alex has been instrumental in transforming the boiler installation process for Gas Safe registered engineers with their flagship product, FlueSnug.

What was the inspiration behind FlueSnug?

"The idea for PipeSnug came from a casual conversation between Chris Burdett and myself. We quickly realised the potential of this unique product, which would simplify and streamline the process of sealing pipes and flues during boiler installations. Before FlueSnug, installers struggled with messy and time-consuming methods like mortar, often leaving an unprofessional finish that required further maintenance."

If you had just one minute to describe FlueSnug, what would you say?

"FlueSnug is an innovative, straightforward solution that saves engineers time and effort. It creates a consistent, professional finish by sealing the hole around a flue and eliminating the need for mortar or a standard weather collar. Installing FlueSnug takes only five seconds, and ATAG and other leading boiler manufacturers approve it. This revolutionary product is also the quickest and most cost-effective way to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations."

How does FlueSnug work?

"FlueSnug is incredibly easy to use. Simply push it into a 152mm hole and slide the flue through it. The rubber sections instantly create an airtight seal inside the hole and around the flue. It can be used inside and outside the property as a barrier against drafts, dampness, insects, and pests, with a UV additive to protect against sunlight damage."

What are the main benefits of FlueSnug?

"The benefits of using FlueSnug during installations are numerous. It saves installers time and money by eliminating the need to point and make good around the flue. It meets the new requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations, ensuring a perfect professional finish every time without mess or call backs. FlueSnug can also be installed from the inside, making it ideal for installations at heights or in hard-to-reach places, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or cherry pickers."

Can FlueSnug be used for maintenance and repairs?

"FlueSnug is also an excellent tool for boiler maintenance and repairs. If access to the flue is needed, the installer can simply remove the FlueSnug to gain instant access, saving around 40 minutes on some jobs. Once the work is complete, you can reinstall the FlueSnug, eliminating the need to repair it afterwards."

Gas Safe registered engineers can revolutionise their boiler installations and maintenance work with FlueSnug. Its simplicity, ease of use, and time-saving features make it an essential addition to any installer's toolkit. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your installations and customer satisfaction — visit Installer Direct and add a FlueSnug to your basket today!Flue_Snug_Social_Post_V2

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