What is the Gas Safe Register?
The Gas Safe Register is the official list that is accumulated of all the different businesses and individuals that are legally allowed to work with gas, and on gas related appliances. Anyone that carries out any gas related work should be on the Gas Safe Register. Engineers that are not on the register are putting their customers lives at risk – and they are working illegally and not in conjunction with the Gas Safety Regulation 1998.

How to know if your engineer is gas safe
You’ll be glad to know there are a few quick and easy ways to find out if your engineer is officially Gas Safe Registered. All you need to do is to ask to see their Gas Safe ID Card. All Engineers who are on the Gas Safe Register have a Gas Safe ID Card which gets renewed annually, just be sure to check the expiry date!

Alternatively, you can enter their details on the official Gas Safe Register website, using their find an engineer tool. On there you can find out if your engineer is currently Gas Safe Registered as well as view their qualifications and when their ID expires. If you have used an engineer in the past, be sure to ALWAYS check that they are still Gas Safe Registered as someone who was previously registered, may not be registered to date.


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Why do you need a gas safe registered engineer?
Think of it this way – would you get into a car with a driving instructor knowing they don’t have any of the qualifications to teach you? You wouldn’t! So why would you want to live in your home without any Gas Safety checks? Gas Safety is such an important part of your home, without it, you are putting your life and the lives of others at risk. Did you know? ATAG ONLY SELL to Gas Safe Registered engineers! Using a Gas Safe registered engineer shows you they have the correct qualifications to carry out the job. Using rogue installers, can invalidate any warranty you may have on your appliances, and it can even affect your home insurance!

How does an engineer become Gas Safe Registered?

For an engineer to become Gas Safe registered, they need to have the relevant qualifications to apply. Any new installers after 2014 must take an ‘industry recognised training course’. Once they have taken the training course, they undergo assessments from the ‘National Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives’.

After they undergo these assessments, they become Gas Safe Registered engineers. Once the individual is Gas Safe Registered, they MUST keep records of all the work they carry out for the first three months whilst they are on a ‘probation period’. Anybody who doesn’t supply these records, will be suspended from the Gas Safe Register. Any engineer who isn’t intending to carry out gas work, should not register to be a Gas Safe engineer.

Always check that any engineer is Gas Safe registered before they undergo any works. Even If you are certain they are qualified to do the work that needs carrying out, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

ATAG ONLY SELL to Gas Safe Registered Engineers! We aim to ensure that homeowners who have an ATAG product, have peace of mind and reassurance when it comes to their gas appliances. With our 10-year warranty as standard, and only selling to Gas Safe Registered engineers, we are confident that you will have that peace of mind all year round!

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