A boiler is a key part of your home, however, if not regularly serviced a minor problem that could be fixed quickly can lead to a major issue. Having your boiler serviced every year can maintain your boilers efficiency, keep your gas bills low and ensure a safe environment for your household. Statistics show that 1 in 10 people do not bother having their gas appliances serviced, with 5% saying they would attempt to service the boiler themselves. 


With that in mind, who is legally required to work on gas appliances? Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers hold the correct qualifications to service your boiler annually.  

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Read on to discover the benefits of having an annual boiler service and how it can help you.  


Reduce your energy bills 

Avoiding your annual boiler service can cause your boiler to become less efficient over time. The less efficient your boiler is, the higher the cost of your gas bills. An annual service can keep your boiler running efficiently and keep your energy bills low. Having your boiler serviced yearly also means that your engineer can advise you to upgrade your boiler to a more energy efficient one, that can save you money on your gas bills over time. Did you know, ATAG have the most efficient boiler range in Europe? 

For more information on Energy Efficient boilers and how to upgrade your boiler click here 


Keep your warranty valid 

Most boiler manufacturers require an annual boiler service to keep the warranty on your appliance valid. Having a valid warranty could ensure your covered for repair costs, should anything go wrong with your boiler. It is important to note that these services require a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to conduct them, to maintain a valid warranty. 

Did you know? Here at ATAG we offer a 10-years warranty as standard with the option to upgrade to an impressive 14 years, by simply adding a Complete Care Pack FLEX to your order? We also ONLY sell to Gas Safe Registered Installers; giving you peace of mind when it comes to your home. 


Family Safety 

Not all boiler problems are visible immediately and can take time before they are noticeable, however, it can be too late to fix the problem if not detected and dealt with early enough. An annual boiler service can help prevent gas leaks, fires, and carbon monoxide poising. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and confusion.  

During an annual boiler service your engineer will conduct a series of tests to ensure your boiler is safe and running efficiently. These tests will flag up any problems your boiler may have meaning they can be fixed before the problem escalates.  


Expensive boiler repairs 

Having your boiler breakdown can be expensive to rectify. With regular servicing you can reduce the chances of your boiler breaking down and keep the cost minimal as the problems are spotted early. Any problems with your boiler however small can worsen overtime, it is better to act upon them early to keep costs low. When searching for a new boiler, consider the warranty options to ensure you are covered. ATAG offer an industry leading warranty of up to 14 years, which covers parts and labour. This means you could save around £1,600* on boiler cover too! 


Book your annual boiler service now! 

Having a well-maintained boiler comes with many benefits, it is important to always keep your gas appliances in check to reduce the risk of any minor problems become major ones in the future. It is important to note that if for any Landlord in the UK it is a legal requirement to get any gas appliances serviced every year. However, as a tenant you should always keep a note of when your annual boiler service should be.  

You can set yourself a free reminder to have your boiler serviced via the Gas Safe Register. They will send you an email/text to remind you to book your annual boiler service.  

If you are looking to upgrade your boiler, take a look at our range of energy efficient boilers here and get a quote TODAY! 


*When Installed with a 14 Year Warranty. Compared to British Gas homecare plan 


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